Three More Wishes

Plus one.

Two and a half years ago, I wrote a column where I made 3 wishes for some changes to Eve Online. Just Three Wishes that would have made life in New Eden a little bit better.

I wished for clone bay arrays so that we could remotely set our clones in space that didn’t have cloning facilities. I wished for a shortened jump clone timer. I wished for a medium sized hauler in the 100k to 200k range.

In the end, CCP did away with the need to use cloning facilities and let me set my clone to any station I could dock in. Cool for me, not so cool for wormholers. They didn’t give me the 12 hour clone jump refresh I wanted, but I can work with 19 hours.

I was disappointed with the fleet hanger incorporation to the Transport Ship. I still think there is a need for a hauler, in between the Transport Ship and the Jump Freighter capacities, closer to 200k m3. However, I’ll admit, I own 2 transport ships now and I’ve used them both in the last few months.

You hate them.

They are of limited use to me, but I’ve used them more than my Orca and I haven’t driven a Freighter since the warp speed changes. The only reason why I even keep a Freighter is on the small chance that a wormhole opens from our high sec staging area in Derelik direct to our null sec base in Curse, I’ll move everything I own in high sec to null and never go back.


Don’t judge me.

Anyway, I started to think about little cool features I’d like to see that wouldn’t be too hard to make happen, another 3 wishes to put on the list.

First, I’d like to see a T1 bomber. I know it’s not realistic, but I can’t help but think it would be awesome. Four new T1 frigate hulls able to fit a bomb launcher, no guns, no cloak. Something that doesn’t take a lot time to train, but something brand new pilot can jump in and be part of a coordinated wave that blows battleships away. Unable to warp cloaked, but able to pack a punch if flown in a group.

I don’t know whether to cheer or be horrified.

Second, I’m a support pilot, specifically EWAR. If it has Tracking Disruption, Target Painters, Sensor Dampers or Electronics Counter-measures, I fly it. I’ve got no reason to fly capitals until the make one that uses ECM. But there’s only one Disruption ship larger than a cruiser class. I’d like to see more three more battleship class EWAR ships, and the Scorpion fixed so it doesn’t get made into vaporware if you show up in one to a fleet fight.

The Caldari did get kind of screwed out of a third combat Battleship.

Finally, along with Force Auxiliaries, we’re going to be getting T2 Logistics Frigates. I guess they are looking for a ship in between T1 logistics frigates and logistics cruisers, capable to keep up with advanced frigate and T3D gangs. I’m not really a fan, since there are better gaps in the logistics line up that would be a better thing to fill.

Battlecruiser class logisitics comes to mind.

I’d rather save my third wish for something I would actually use. We really could use some Black Ops Logistics Ships. Using Strategic Cruisers for logi support in a BOPS gang really doesn’t cut it. The repair ranges are just not long enough to be effective and you shouldn’t have to spend half a billion ISK to fly a substandard logistics ship.


Just three more things I think will make Eve a little more cool.

I figure you’re going to be waiting for quite some time.

Who knows? I got kind of lucky last time.

Minus one.