Kicks and Risks

Plus one.

I didn’t support the Fountain War Kickstarter. Not because of Goonswarm. Not because of The Mittani. Not because I don’t think they got a good enough writer. Not because “he said, she said” RMT scandal. Not because Sion pissed me off, or Rixx made me think.

I don’t hate Goons. They usually don’t affect my day-to-day playstyle. And occasionally, when their actions cause CCP to nerf something that was cool with 3 ships but sucks with 300, I really try not to complain.

Really, truly?

The average member of a SOV superpower looks at a 100 man alliance in NPC space and believes that we are just content. They are part of something powerful, we are not. They are part of the narrative. They are playing in the endgame. They believe that they are, and we who are not must certainly covet that which they are.

I’m not them. I’m not one of the “hundreds of thousands” that look back on this period of time of interstellar conflict with wonder. I didn’t fly in multi hundred man fleets. I don’t fly capitals. I don’t do bloc warfare. Sovereignty has no appeal to me, because I won’t fight for something I don’t believe in.

After the war ended, when TEST fled to Curse to rebuild, and Goonswarm came to Curse essentially to try to finish them off, we happily shot at both sides. With regard to dealing with the Curse locals, DaBigRedBoat told TEST, “You are going to die… Generally speaking they are inbred, space hillbilly-gypsies and they are much better at this game than you are.”

He made my day.

While I enjoy the space drama on the blogs and the super blogs we call news sites, and I might be enticed to buy a book or comic about Eve Online, I’ve not done so yet. I spend an inordinate amount of time reading and writing about Eve Online. And I have other non-Eve related things to read that are important or entertaining.

So I’m not sure why I should should chip in and pay for a book that hasn’t been written yet, telling a story that to me was fighting over who could make the biggest fleet in Eve Online.

Large coalitions fighting over the ownership of income generating moons so that their alliances can afford ship replacement programs to maintain standing navies so they can protect their supercap construction facilities from each other, so they can have supercaps as a deterrent against each other while maintaining the status quo of being impervious to the threat of smaller alliances.

I thought it was about good fights?

Yeah, the story just doesn’t seem as compelling as the hype machine claims. Besides, I’m pretty sure I’ve never even been to Fountain.

Ultimately, it’s a big universe when you travel gate to gate. The story of the Fountain War is not the story of all of us, or even most of us in New Eden. It’s the story of a tiny fraction of us.

Someone else can pay the advance, I’ll buy the book when it’s done.


Minus one.