In It to Win It

Plus one.

My launchers are cycling on the Brutix when the rest of his fleet land on the POCO. FC calls a new primary, Harbinger. The Brutix is going to armor but I switch off my launcher and paint and switch over to the Harb, leaving my damp on the Brutix.

There is only one FC.

The Harby is obviously a softer target or a bigger threat, so I’m not going to argue. He gets a tracking disruptor, which probably ruins his night. He does not last long.

New primary is called: Vexor Navy Issue. The tacklers do their thing to make sure 2 Brutixes and the VNI are controlled. I ask where my TD needs to go and as expected, the FC tells me to neutralize the Stabber Fleet Issue, who is buzzing around trying to figure out how to engage something he can kill.

Then my shields are stripped off and I’m in armor. I’ve come in too close and there’s a flight of Valkyries on me. I tell the FC and prepare to bail, pissed off at myself for not flying aligned. FC acknowledges and I warp to a belt less than an AU away, wave at the rats and warp back in at range.

Too far from the fight and deep in armor, I man up, turn on my MWD and burn in. The Stabber Fleet gets a track. The FC is working on the second Brutix so my torpedoes and paint are on him. The other Brutix throws his drones on me, so I align again and go to warp as the second Brutix disintegrates.

Less than a minute later, we’re finishing off the first Brutix. The SFI pilot, not wanting to fly home alone, or perhaps, guilted by his bros, barrels in to let us scram, web and take him down.

We fielded 2 Stealth Bombers with Tracks, Damps and Paint, 2 Assault Frigates and a Stratios. Yes, we had a Falcon… Art of War Alliance does not have E-Honor.

Kill more, die less.

They had a Harbinger, Vexor Navy Issue, two Brutix and a Stabber Fleet Issue.

Their EHP? Probably about 190k.

Ours? Maybe 60k? I know my SB without a shield extender was at 22 percent armor when I docked up in station.

One of their Brutix pilots accused us of using an exploit: he wanted to know how he was jammed without a jam icon.

Probably the damps.

Yeah. The only exploit we used was our opponents ignorance of the proper application of EWAR.

We’re in it to win it.

Kill more, die less.

That’s what we do.

Minus one.