If Logi Wasn’t So Easy

Plus one.

If Logi wasn’t so easy, it wouldn’t be getting nerfed.

I said that to Omega about a week before the last release. I know there’s logistics pilots who are going to start telling me how hard it is to be a logi pilot, cause you’re responsible for other people’s ships and if you fail to do your job people lose their ships and then they blame it on you.

Yeah yeah yeah.

This is the problem: Years ago, the player base asked CCP to make logistics repair better and CCP gave logistics repair better tools which made logistics repair easier. Watchlists. Broadcasts. More ships. Better ships. Now the ships are so good and the tools make life pretty easy for the logistics pilot. So easy that fleets of the same size cannot kill each other unless they can alpha strike past logistics repair, or trick logistic pilots into healing the wrong ship while they kill another.

Nowadays, logistics drives the size of the fleet.

Look, this ain’t my first rodeo. Years ago, in another life, in another challenging, e.g., hard MMO, I was a healer. No one turns away a good, dedicated healer. Not if you want to have an efficient group, anyway.

I quit that game and eventually found Eve Online. I found a corp. I moved to SOV. I moved to low sec. I moved to SOV. I joined OUCH and back in those days, we lost ships every single day. We needed a force multiplier to stay in the fight. We thought about using logistics.


Back then, T1 logistics ships were a joke, dual purposed to mine and space heal. T2 logistics ships were expensive and we were poor. To top it off, a four man gang was pretty big for us, a six man gang was huge.

And lone healer in a gang of four is primary.

Precisely. We turned to ECM because 1 ECM ship could make a difference where we’d need 2 logistics ships just to keep the logistic ships alive. Griffins and Blackbirds cost a fraction of the cost of a Scimitar. That’s how I became an ECM pilot.

See, Logi repairs damage as it is made; ECM stops damage at the source. ECM pilots do what logistics pilots do, only backwards and not as well as logistics pilots. We just we don’t have the same tools that logistics pilots have that make them efficient healers.

An ECM pilot locks up the opposition and tries to jam according to what color the target is. If you don’t have the right color, your chance to jam is drastically lowered, which means, damage is coming through onto your fleet, probably onto you. Typically, if the ship is bigger than a frigate, you do not have 100 percent change to jam them.

You can make it easy and leave the racial jams at home, use multispectral jammers. Of course, multispecs have half the power of racial jams, which means half the effectiveness on chance to jam.

Luck be a lady tonight.

A logistics pilot locks up their own fleet members and repair damage to their ships. They don’t worry about the percentage chance to repair, they just repair. It helps if their friendly targets resists are high, because they get more bang for their buck, since resists are applied only to damage and not repair received.

Couple of years ago, CCP passed out skills to make it harder for the ECM pilot. They’ve always had modules to make it harder to jam pilots: Logistics pilots are the primary users of ECCM modules. And CCP has been balancing ships to make life harder for the ECM pilot. Check out the slow rise in sensor strengths of ships during the past 2 years of balance passes if you don’t believe me.

All of the hazards that logi pilots have to concern themselves with are also the hazards of an ECM pilot. ECM. Neuts. Damps. Being called “Primary.” But ECM pilots do their thing in a ship that is undertanked and pretty slow in comparison to logistic ships.

There are no real tools to make the ECM job easier. We do not have a watchlist that tells us who the other ECM / EWAR pilots are handling, or a method to see incoming damage from it’s source so we know who to jam. Our fleet members cannot broadcast for EWAR support. Beyond a couple of pilots, it is extremely hard to coordinate targeting and jamming the opposing fleet. The most efficient tool for ECM pilots to coordinate jams is voice comms.

Simply put, ECM, and EWAR in general, do not scale with the size of the fleet. It’s why you don’t typically see Falcons or Scorpions in fleets larger than a 12 people.

But logi scales with the size of the fleet and the problem that everyone has with logistics is not that reps are too powerful, but that logistics repair can be coordinated in such a manner that the upper limit of fleet size is unknown. Over the years, logi pilots asked for and got powerful tools, watchlists and broadcasts, and it’s made logi pretty damn powerful.

So now CCP hit logi with a nerfbat and things are going to be harder. And I guess it could be worse: If CCP really wanted to nerf logi, all they’d have to do is get rid of the ability to broadcast for reps.

That would make fleet logistics hard.

Almost as hard as flying fleet ECM.

Minus one.