Farewell Battleclinic

Break Break.

I like to talk. Both my father and mother were great storytellers and as my grandmother would say, apple don’t fall far from tree. One of the advantages of teaching newbies is you get to tell your best stories over and over to new audiences. What’s old hat to you is fresh and exciting to the new guy.

At least that’s what I tell myself.

So several times a year, I get to tell people about the first time I got hotdropped by PL Supers, or the time we deployed to Delve to see if it was a better venue for OUCH.

It wasn’t. And I still have ships in 319-3D, Bren.

Anyway, when you say the same things over and over again, you develop sayings, cliches, tag lines, whatever you want to call them. I’ve got a few.

When I was young in New Eden, I pushed myself up the learning curve as fast as possible, learning as much as I could about how ships and modules worked. I found myself on Battleclinic studying loadouts and Yoz, my BFF and mentor out of the capsule, bopped me on the head and told me to stop.

Dude, he said, Don’t waste your time in Battleclinic loadouts. Things change and those fit don’t get updated. If you want to see good pvp fits, look at the lossmails of good pvpers.

So I started following the losses of 0utbreak [TOXIN]. They were the top pvp corporation on Battleclinic for a long time. It didn’t hurt that I flew against them in Curse. It also didn’t hurt that Yoz and Al flew with them.

So Battleclinic was my first intel tool in Eve. I followed what what 0utbreak pilots lost far more than what they killed. I studied their standardized fits of arguably the best small gang pvpers in Eve and I learned what ships, gangs and fits killed them. And occasionally, I got to tap their brains to see what they really were doing with the fits they flew.

The value of the killboard isn’t in the kills, it’s in the losses.

Over time, I grew up from a noob flying Rifters to a silent killer in the Falcon. I made it into the top 10k. One day, when my rank was about 2100 or so, I noticed that I was one rank below Agony Unleashed’s Azual Skoll.

A lot of people didn’t like BC. They still don’t. In the early days, a ton of false mails were posted and not all of them were deleted; the rankings were not perfect. But as a tool for following personal progress, it worked for me. I liked the format. I liked following the rankings. Was I ever going to be Number One? No. But I got to see a clear progression and history of me and mine.

I watched OUCH go from a 80000+ corporation with more red on the killboard than I want to remember, to the all time rank 192 PvP corporation in Eve. I got to watch Art Of War Alliance grow over a 5 year period, essentially a one corp alliance, finally ranked at 110 (all time, 78 or so for recent activity). When Battleclinic finally shuts down this month, OUCH will have nearly 20 top 10k pilots.

Not bad for a bunch of newbs.

It would have been nice to get into the top 100, but that’s not in the cards. We still have killboards, Zkill and Evekill. But still, I’m going to miss Battleclinic. We’ve lost a little piece of history this month. It’s a shame, but like all things in Eve, things change.

There’s no reason to complain about it, you just adapt and move forward.

So farewell Battleclinic. And thanks for all the fish.